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Handmade Soap
What makes your handmade soaps so good?
How are your soaps packaged?
How long does it take to make handmade soap?

Skin Care
How is Golden Calendula and Tea Tree Oil used?
How does your Original Lotion compare with name brand lotions?
What's the difference between your Original Lotion and your Extreme Cream®?
Is your Extreme Cream® scented?

Body Oils
How do you use the body oils?
Are your Body Oils like Baby Oil?
How do I open the bottles of oil?
Can you mix the body oils with the Lotion?

Ordering & Shipping
How long does it take to receive your products in the mail?
How do you treat personal information when I place an order on line?
Do you take international orders?
How do I know I'm using a secure server with your on-line checkout?
Why do I get an error message when I order Skin Care Combo Two or Three?
Why is parcel post more expensive than priority mail and which is faster?
Why don't you offer UPS as a shipping option?

Why do you add vitamin E to your products?
Do you mail out free samples?
Is there any Emu oil in any of your products?
Are your products tested on animals?

"How do you use the body oils?"
There are a number of ways. You can add my Body Oils  to a bath. You can put them on right after a shower to lock in moisture. They're also great for a massage. Because there is NO mineral oil, you won't be all greasy.   Back

"Are your Body Oils like Baby Oil?"
Not at all! Baby oil is mineral oil, which is NOT good for your skin. My Body Oils are a precise blend of sesame oil, sweet apricot kernel oil and sweet almond oil. My Body Oils won't leave you greasy like baby oil. Instead, you'll have a nice healthy glow.   Back

"How do I open the bottles of oil?"
Simply take a sharp object, such as a knife point, and break the latex seal. The cork can then be easily removed. By the way, I treat the cork so that it will not react with the oil.

"Can you mix the body oils with the Lotion?"
The short answer to this is "No". If you were to mix the two, it would change the consistency of the lotion. My Original Lotion is virtually unscented. However, it is possible to add certain essential oils to add a scent. Contact me:  Special Requests   with what you would like, and maybe I can help.   Back

"How is Golden Calendula and Tea Tree Oil used?"
Calendulas were first used by the ancient Egyptians. Through the centuries it has remained one of the most popular herbs for the skin to promote healing and cell regeneration. Tea Tree oil is an anti-septic, antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral and even anti-inflammatory. This oil is excellent for sun damaged or aging skin, treating scars and minor burns. As I'm not a doctor, I can't make you any promises. I can tell you I do have a lot of repeat customers for my Golden Calendula and Tea Tree Oil   Back

"How does your Original Lotion compare with name brand lotions?"
My Original Lotion is highly concentrated. Just a few drops is enough to cover your hands! I don't add any alcohol as most name brand lotions do. Alcohol dries out your skin and nails. This means you need to use more lotion, which starts a vicious cycle. So, not only is my Original Lotion concentrated, it also allows you to use it less often. This helps your skin and saves you money.   Back

"What's the difference between your Original Lotion and your Extreme Cream®?"
Instead of purified water that I use in my  Original Lotion, I use lots of aloe vera for my  Extreme Cream. Thus, Extreme Cream is much thicker. I recommend Extreme Cream to target problem areas. Use it once in the morning and once at bedtime. In just a few days you'll notice a big improvement! Original Lotion is great for use throughout the day. Especially, for those of you whose hands are drying out from the weather or your work. Both are concentrated, so a little goes a long way!   Back

"Is your Extreme Cream® scented?"
Not really. It has just a hint of China Rain as does my Original Lotion. This just gives it a clean, fresh smell that won't interfere with any other scent you might be wearing. However, along with the originals I have added Absolutely Unscented Lotion and Absolutely Unscented Extreme Cream®. Remember, I also take special requests and can probably customize a scent just for you.   Back

Get Free Handmade Soap"What makes your handmade soaps so good?"
I don't use any animal fats in my soaps. Only high-quality oils are used. Because of the high melting point of the oils I use, the bar lasts much longer than most other handmade soaps. I make them with a variety of scents. In my  handmade soaps there are no harsh detergents as you usually find in mass produced soaps. This way you have a long-lasting, high quality bar of soap. Not only do they smell great, but they also lather up nicely and moisturize your skin! Oh, and by the way, I hand bevel each bar to give it a comfortable feel from the first time you use it.   Back

"Why do you add vitamin E to your products?"
Vitamin E is good for your skin. Plus, it acts as a natural preservative in my products.   Back

"Are your products tested on animals?"
Only my husband. Seriously, no animals are used for testing or as ingredients.   Back

"How long does it take to receive your products in the mail?"
I use U.S. priority mail which takes 2 to 3 days for delivery. I try to ship your order the day I receive it. For orders $100 or more! , shipping is free.    Back

"How do you treat personal information when I place an order on line?"
In a word, private. I don't not store/save credit card information. All I do with the information is process your order. No information is sold, traded nor given away. I also do not send out "spam" e-mail. If you get an email from my site with sale and/or event information, it is because you opted into receiving emails after placing an order or joined my preferred customers list. Not to worry, if you don't want any future emails, just unsubscribe using the link provided near the bottom of the email. Occasionally, I will send out a notice to advise people of local craft shows where I will have a booth. This saves my local customers shipping charges. Of course, you can always check my Events  page. You can read what some of my customers say on the Comments Page. I only use initials and a city for reference.   Back

"Do you take international orders?"
I will take orders from outside the United States, but they must be shipped within the United States. The reason that I will not ship outside of the U.S. is it is very expensive, slow and unreliable.

"How do I know I'm using a secure server with your on-line checkout?"
Modern browsers support secured servers using encryption. On most browsers, going to this site you should see some version of the padlockPadlock on your browser.

When you go to my check-out, you will adjust your order, if necessary. Next, you will need to add the shipping and your state. If you're in California, there will be a sales tax added. You will be prompted to fill out your billing and shipping address. When you continue to the part of the order form that actually requests credit card information, you will see "https" at the beginning of the URL in the browser's address window. This indicates you are using a secured, encrypted connection. Also, depending on your browser settings, you may get a message from your browser that you are entering a secured connection. If you feel more comfortable, please use my toll-free number {(877) 887-4495}. Using my online shopping cart is fast, easy, secure and convenient.

"Why do I get an error message when I order either Skin Care Combo Two or Three? "
The most likely reason is that you have neglected to choose a scent for your oil. If that happens, delete the item in the cart by changing the quantity to zero and click on the recalculate button at the bottom of the page. Then just go back and return to Skin Care Combo's and try again. You will then have the option of checking out or continue shopping. Oh, and don't forget your Free Soap!   Back

"Do you mail out free samples?"
Generally, only with orders. I realize you would like to sample something before you buy it, but I must keep costs down so I can keep my prices to you low. Most of my business comes from word-of-mouth and repeat customers. Many have tried my products at craft shows and other events.  Don't forget about my money back guarantee!   Back

Emu"Is there Emu oil in any of your products?"
No! An Emu is a bird from Australia. It was first used by the Aborigines. Emu oil is made by rendering the body fat from the poor bird's back. Personally, I don't want to rub dead poultry grease on my skin. Also, there are no animal ingredients in any of my products.    Back

"Why is parcel post more expensive than priority mail and which is faster?"
It depends where your order is going. The further from me (Encinitas, CA 92024), the more it will cost and the longer it will take. The USPS estimates 2 days for priority mail to reach its destination. They estimate 8 days for parcel post. The reason parcel post rates are sometimes more is that their actual rates are very close, but the USPS supplies boxes for priority mail at no charge. I must find a box for parcel post orders, and I pass on a nominal $1 fee to parcel post orders to cover that cost. So, you can see that priority mail is your best value, if time is important.   Back

"Why don't you offer UPS as a shipping option?"
In a word, cost. In two words, add convenience. Not just for me, but the shopper as well. UPS costs much more than USPS priority mail for the same delivery time for most orders. Not only does UPS cost more for most small orders, but they don't supply the boxes for free as does the US Postal Service. Lastly, UPS won't deliver to all locations in the US and the USPS will. If the order is large, shipping for the retail customer is free, and I will use the best option, which may be UPS.  Back

"How are your soaps packaged?"
When a bar of handmade soap is ready, I place each one in a small shrink-wrap bag. The open end is sealed and clipped. Then I use a heat gun, which is like a super-hot and focused hairdryer, and heat the shrink-wrap until it's snug around the bar of soap. Finally, I tape the label to the outside of the package.  Back

"How long does it take to make handmade soap?"
The entire process takes about three weeks. We're not talking about melt-and-pour glycerin soap, here. This is high quality, cold-process handmade soap. For a more detailed explanation, please visit my article on "Making Handmade Soap." I have heard people comment, "I could make that myself." Well, if you're just making soap for yourself, you'll find that it's just not worth it. If you have the time and patience, go for it.  Back


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