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Selecting Items for your shopping cart
Shopping bagOrdering securely online is easy. Items are put into your basket by clicking on the order button:

Some items require that you place a quantity in a box before you click the order button. They looks like this: . Simply highlight the existing number and enter a whole quantity of your choice.

A few items require that you make a selection from a drop-down menu to customize your order such as for a particular scent: Just click on the box and the options will become visible. You then click on your choice. That choice will then populate the box.

After clicking on the order button, you will be taken to the shopping cart. There you will see what is in you cart. You can change the quantity shown in the box for any or all items and then click on . This will update the totals and adjust the cost accordingly. If you wish to delete an item, enter 0 (the number, not the letter) in the box and click on the recalculate button.

Continue Shopping
If you want to continue to shop after adding an item, scroll down and click on on the Continue Shopping button, which looks like this: . You can repeat this process until you are ready to check-out.

Getting to the Checking-Out
Once you have finished shopping, you will need to go to the shopping cart to complete the process. If you have just finished adding an item, you will already be there. If you were shopping some more, but didn't add another item, you can get to the shopping cart by using either View Cart or Check Out. If you have nothing in your cart, you will need to use your browser's "Back" button or the link back to these instructions.

Entering the Shipping Information
Enter the ZIP code for the destination of your order. This may be different than your billing address, especially if you are sending this as a gift. There is also a box near the bottom of this section of the cart where you can add any special instructions or a brief message for your gift that will be sent on a small card at no additional fee.

After entering the ZIP code, click on the Add Shipping button that looks like this: .
↑You must do this whether or not your order qualifies for free shipping.

If your order does not qualify for free shipping, select one of the shipping options presented and click the Add Shipping button again.

At this point we need to determine, if we are required by law to collect a sales tax for the state. From the drop-down menu of US states select the state that corresponds to your billing address. Only California addresses are taxed. If you select a state other than California and you list California as your billing address, your order will not show the tax, but it will be added.

If you have any special requests or gift messages for your order, please enter them in the space provided at check-out.

Vouchers: Voucher code numbers are for special discounts. If you have one, at check-out, please enter it in the space provided which looks like this:

Voucher Code Example

and then click on . If the voucher code is valid, your new total will appear with the appropriate discount.

Once you have selected the state and entered any of the optional information, click on the Go To Payments button that appears as this: .

You will now see your detailed order followed by a form for your billing information and shipping information. If the billing information is different from the shipping, you will need to complete both parts of the form.

All fields in bold print are required to process your order. Once you have completed the form, please click on the Continue button that looks like this:

Major Credit Cards and debit cards acceptedThe resulting page will offer on-line payment options. Currently, we only accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and ATM debit cards with the MasterCard or Visa logo. Therefore, the Credit Card option is already selected. Click the continue button a second time to be taken to our secure server where your payment information will be entered.

PayPal is also accepted.PayPal is also accepted.

Entering Payment Information on the Secure Server (SSL)
Your browser should have alerted you to the fact you were entering a secured connection. There you need to select your credit card type, credit card number and its expiration date. It will look like this:

 Card Type
Card Number

Lastly, click on the Order Now button that appears as this: .
This will be followed by a confirmation screen. You will also receive an email confirming your order at the email address you entered. If you have any questions or would rather order by phone, please contact us.

We use recycled packing materials whenever possible.We use recycled packing materials whenever possible.

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